GENUINE Dinosour Bones

Fossils and Dinosaur Bones

We are proud to offer a most unique promotional product, genuine Jurassic Period Dinosuar Bones. With the release of highly successful dinosaur movies, we are expecting enormous demand for our collection of genuine Dinosaur Bones from the Jurassic Period. With the largest privately owned collection of its kind, we are prepared to supply literally "tons of bones" for retail, educational toys, and promotional use.

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Options: Bones are available in a wide range of sizes, from small quarter inch bones suitable for mass packaging, to pieces weighing ten to fifty pounds for executive gifts, incentives, and contest and giveaway promotions. For less expensive options, we also offer replicas as well as genuine bones.

All of our Jurassic Period dinosaur bones come complete with a certificate of authenticity, signed by a world renowned paleontologist. These certificates are available inside the packaging. The certificate certifies that our bones are Genuine Dinosaur Bones from the Jurassic Period.

Call today and have our consultants help you develop a program to suit your needs. Our team of experts have years of experience in the packaging, marketing, and promotional use of dinosaur bones, and will be happy to help you. Ask about our previous successful programs, which have included retail success in toys, reaching every major toy store in the US, to cereal box promotions with a major manufacturer. These are successful campaigns from several years past, so we have been waiting for just this moment to reintroduce our line. We're looking forward to working with you.

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