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Product Line

The Print Box is known as a leader across the industry. We are the leading supplier of custom printed genuine FRISBEES® and hoola Hoops to the industry. These products are distributed to the industry under the GENUINE Line (ASI# 79557). Some unique specialty products in our line are outlined below:

  • Hoola Hoops:


  • Frisbees®:

  • Genuine Dinosaur Bones from the Jurassic Period. Its a "chip off the old block." These are available in a variety of sizes from large to small. The Genuine Dinosaur Bones all come complete with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by a world renowned paleantologist.

  • We're proud to announce the newest addition to our line. It's called the 'No Spill Drink Holder'. Retail packaging, and Stainless Steel versions are also available. It's another PromoBrands Exclusive!

  • Our Air Fresheners can be custom printed with your company design or logo. Multiple flavors and custom shapes are available.

  • We have a full line of custom Scratch N' Sniff products, with special Micro-Encapsulated fragrances.

  • Our Union Made Products are made in the USA!

  • Our Flip Top Calculators and desk items flip open automatically. It's one of our most popular new products!

  • We're proud to announce another addition to our world renowned line of promotional products. It's called "Hang on Henry." Your character or mascot can be attached to a car antenna. He'll "hang on" when the vehicle is in motion. Retail packaging, and liscensed Warner Bros. characters are also available. It's another PromoBrands Exclusive!

  • Our Wooden Stacking Games can be custom printed or hot stamped.

  • Our Rubik's Cubes can be fully customized.

  • Our Snow Globes can be custom designed or decorated. Glitter Globes and domes are also available.

  • Custom Printed Rubber Bands can help stretch your promotional budget!

  • Our Custom Printed Bandages make the perfect cure for your promotion.

  • Our Custom Printed Etch A Sketch games will make your promotion a hit!

  • Custom Neck Lanyards can be custom printed or woven, with safetey plugs and any attachments available.

  • Kick around this idea... our Hackey Sacks can be fully customized!

  • Of Course, Custom Printed boxes are available. Please visit our contract printing page.

  • Custom Engraved Mag-Lites make great executive gifts and promotional items.

  • Custom Printed Stadium Seat Cushions make great giveaways.

  • Custom Printed Cones for traffic, construction, and safety.

  • Custom rubber Stampers, any imprint, shape, color, or size is available! We also feature several roller stamps, and other Self-Inking mechanisms.

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  • Our custom printed pen lights make great executive gifts.

  • Our custom printed and framed mirrors make great promotional fixtures anywhere.

  • Our T-Shirts can be compressed and packaged in small cubes or custom shapes. Check our compressed t-shirt page.

  • Our 3D Flexible Color Plastics can come in a myriad of colors at very affordable prices. These are available in magnets, keychains, and so much more!

  • Custom designed leather products. We can make any leather products to your specifications.

  • Custom clothing designed to your specifications. Completely customizeable from materials, to style, size, label, and logo. Stock T-shirts, hats, and other clothing items are always available. Earth friendly EcoSpun fabric is now available in all of these products. Printed Eco Writer pencils are also available.

General Product Information

The Print Box has a complete line of promotional products, and we feature many quality promotional products. To view our online catalog please click here. A searchable database of our products is now available at . A member of our customer service team will be happy to assist you. Please call us at (631)421-8300 or email us at We look forward to serving you.