'No Spill' Drink Holders and Coasters

  It's happened to all of us. We eat and drink too close to our computer. We bring coffee or soda to our computer and it spills all over. What a mess...ruined keyboards, papers, phones, electronic equipment, etc. Black gook all over the place, even the carpet.

Millions of dollars in damages are incurred every year beacuse of spilled beverages. According to the Wall Street Journal "Liquids are a big problem, particullarly sticky liquids containing sugar which can jam keys, and what's more, attract insects. Computer makers are fielding cries for help too, for soda induced keyboard failures."

The surest cure is prevention. Our patented 'No Spill Drink Holder' can do the job. It's designed to hold all kinds of cups and mugs to prevent tipping and spillage. Simply place your mug or paper, plastic, or foam drink cup into it and the problem is solved. It's nearly 100% effective in preventing accidents, spills, and messes that can ruin your day (and your stuff).


We are proud the be the exclusive manufacturer of this patented item. Resellers may reference their ASI# when contacting us. For pricing information or to order a sample for only $19.99 for shipping and handling, please contact us via e-mail at info@promobrands.com or fill out a quote request online. Or contact us by phone at 212-741-1381.

Samples from our showroom inventory are now available, consumers may order them by sending only $19.99 for shipping and handling. Unimprinted 'No Spill' drink holders are also available, for wholesale, retail or general use. No Spill Drink Holders are available in any color. Stainless Steel Drink Holders are also available.

Our coasters make a great promotional item for any organization. Let us help you design the perfect coaster for you.

Shipping Information: Gift box included. Packed 50 per master carton. Weight is 17 lbs./carton. All shipping is FOB Factory (New York).


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